J D Nolan Fine Art Black and white photography


Black & White Fine Art Large Format Photography

I like the feeling one gets from viewing a fine art black and white photograph.  You are not distracted by colors.  Only the shades of tonality from black to gray to white are what meets the eye.  I find working with film and the not knowing what you have captured until you get home a very exciting part of the process.  And working in a traditional darkroom there are natural differences in each individual handcrafted piece of art.  I will continue to do my fine art photography the “old fashion” way as long as I can lay my hands on film, paper and chemicals.


In the beginning there were glass plates.  Then came film - black and white film and then the advent of color film.  But even then the preference of collectors was black and white for its permanence when processed correctly.

In those days and today the large format or view camera is the way to go.  These cameras use film that is 4 x 5 sheet film and larger.  This coupled with the smaller F stops of large format cameras makes them still the cameras of choice among fine art photographers today.